Studio and Works in Progress Studio and Works in Progress Work space This is me taking up the 3rd floor community kitchen in the hotel where I currently live 181414563 Pseudo-realism I really don't know proper terminology for what distinguishes style categories; I've always felt they were mostly just opinions anyway. The MLK image is what I call pseudo-realism. From a distance he looks real, almost photographic, but up close it's painterly and the brush strokes and smearing are obvious, this was intentional to give it a dream-like quality 181414567 Gallery Wrapped I buy the canvas pre-stretched on treated wood frames. 181414561 Taping off I often use painters tape to create nice clean straight lines, On this I was adding a black border on the side edges 181414560 Cotton Canvas The natural fibers give a plush look to the paints up close, they also translate the colors really well, even the gradient in the darker areas. 181414562 Signature 181414566 Closeup Noses and eyes are really hard for me 181414569 Up to dry Here is superman stacked up on top of some boxes while I wait for paint to dry 181414564 More clutter 181414568 Drying time 181414570 Drying time - lizard 181414571 Drying time - superman 181414572 Sealing day I spray sealed all 3 of these pieces the same day. The glare on the MLK is really bad when photographed (it looks just fine when viewed), the camera just hates the semi-gloss finish (the other two are a matte finish). 181414565