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This essay was originally written for a college essay study course. During it's research my focus was on truth and known historical information. My goal here was not to bash God, faith or even the idea of religion but I pull no punches when it comes to churches that I find not only go against God, but which fail to follow the very text on which they claim to be derived.

Your choice to believe in God or not is entirely your own, I could discuss faith and what it is but that would be an entirely different essay. What's written here assumes you already have faith and it will only make sense in a context in which that faith is based on the Bible.

If you choose to be atheist, this essay has no relevance to you whatsoever.

I expect some people will be offended, I can only hope those of you who read this will read it with an open mind and consider the sources of this information. After the main body of the essay is a section listing many additional sources of information and the sources for all historical claims and quotes (you may need to scroll down a page after the essay)

Due to the size limitations on these forums, the essay is posted as a word doc on the Scribd website and should be able to be located here:

Note: If you have trouble reading the essay online, it can be downloaded free from the same site

If you have any intention of responding, please read the entire essay first and consider exploring in depth many of the source links provided at the end. When I first wrote this I could have easily listed 100 more examples and gone on for 100's of more pages. As it stands this is condensed to only 20 pages and tries to convey the point as quickly and in as simplified a form as possible. If you need information or data beyond what is written, it's out there on the web and in history books and a sample of all of those is in the references at the end of the essay itself.

I do not claim to be an authority on this topic, but I do think I'm fairly decent at research and I believe every bit of what I have claimed here comes from an authoritative source (with the only caveat being the assumption that you do have some measure of faith in the Bible ~ otherwise this essay really has no relevance to you anyway)

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