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Don't be afraid to make requests

I can sit here and paint fruit all day if that's what you want, but maybe you just want something created of your favorite actor or super hero and the pieces you've seen on the market costs a fortune?

Maybe you want the Mona Lisa on your wall and don't feel like paying $5000 for an oil painting of it? I can do renditions of famous artwork (not as an art forger, these will not be perfect copies). Derivitive works of famous paintings can give you the artistic expression of the original while adding the vibrancy and life brought out by modern acrylics and inks (tools not available in the old world) and at a fraction of the price.

Do you want a Jackson Pollock inspired abstract but don't feel like paying millions of dollars?

Animals, still life, or even your own family portraits; whatever you can dream up I can try to create for you and my prices are negotiable.

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