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While much of my work is commisioned and sold direct to the buyer, I'm starting to create pieces for public shows and to share my work with others.

Some of the pieces I create simply because I want to display them at home, but I really do not have the room to keep everything so I am offering everything open for public sale, some of it is on eBay

You should be able to find pieces by searching for "Vincent Beers" and than narrowing the fields on the side to artwork or art by the artist.

If something is listed as a work in progress it generally means I got distracted and have other work that is currently taking priority. If purchased I will focus my efforts on it and it will be complete, signed and archiive spray sealed within a few days and shipped to the buyer in a timely manner.

Some of these pieces are just sitting around my room and while I love every one of them, I need the space to work on more.

I also have extensive ceramics which are not currently posted (I don't even have pictures on the website because I keep putting them away in boxes without getting proper pictures. I am planning on moving to a new place sometime in the next few months and hopefully will be using that move as an excuse to take everything out and get pictures during the unpacking and moving process.

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