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I just found my camera that's been buried in storage for a while and felt like taking random pictures around the house

Been sorting a lot of magic cards lately:

I've sold around 2000 packs in the last year, around 30,000 cards or so. I'm pretty sure I still have more than 200,000 remaining. Most of the brown boxes you see in this pic are cards.

On eBay I sell packs of 15 for $5  so total value upwards of $67,000 dollars. (that's just in bulk pricing without valueing out the rares)

If anyones interested in buying them all at once for 85% off, let me know through contact me on this site and your cost will be around $10,000 for more than 200,000 magic the gathering cards. (shipping cost probably around $1,300 included)

That's the equivilent of paying 5 cents per card (200,000 x .05 = $7,700 + $1300 shipping)

If you were paying retail, commons and uncommons sell at retail for 5 to 20 cents. Bulk rares sell for 25 to 50 cents. This collection includes more than just bulk rare cards and some percentage of those rares and mythics are worth more than bulk pricing at $1 to $100 each and possibly a few worth even more. Even if only 5% are worth $1 or more that would be $10,000 worth of cards by itself.

And this is all assuming it's only 200,000 cards because honestly I'm starting to think that estimate is low. I pull out thousands of cards at a time and it's not really making a dent. I put years into making these piles of boxes and I wasn't counting cards when I did it. For all I know there could be closer to 300,000 cards. I estimate by counting the card sorting boxes inside the brown boxes, but all those card sorting boxes say they hold less than they actually do (a 500 count box may hold closer to 600 cards) and then sleeve thickness on some cards throws off the counts even further. (some cards are sleeved, most aren't, some are priced from years ago, most aren't)

All that extra exists because I buy bulk from people who quit and just stock it up. I don't know why, it's a bad habit at this point. I don't sort most of it because I don't personally need it. Here's some random pictures of my own personal collection, these are just cards from under the table by my bed:

Here's some of what was in that box:

So, funny story: that stone throwing devil is one of the first cards I ever traded to get. It was Christmas 1993 and there was no concept of rares vs commons yet. I traded my first black lotus for that stone throwing devil because: who wants a crappy artifact that doesn't even stay in play when you use it? And stone throwing devils are cool. 22 years later at least its still in NM condition. I'll probably be buried with that stone throwing devil.

Oh the old days of magic when "destroy target whatever" meant you actualy ripped up the card because the rule book didn't say anything about putting it in the graveyard when you "destroy" things.

So while I'm wasting my time taking pictures and posting things no one will ever read, here's a random shot of some movies I have totally out of order:

I have 30? 40? of these racks, over 2000 DVDs (movie/tv) and they used to be all organized. Then we moved a couple times and my 20 year old palm pilot that I used for tracking my movie collection died. Now half of the collection is in a storage unit stacked to the sky with movies and the rest are scattered around not properly categorized.

At some point I just want to move one more time into a place where I can actually put all my movies back up for display on racks and this time when I make the list I will try and put it somewhere that will last more than 20 years.

I miss that palm pilot, going to the store to buy movies and not being 100% sure if you already own things is really annoying. I need my list dam it. And before you ask why was I using a 20 year old palm pilot? Because I started that movie collection in 1997 and the palm pilot fit nicely in my pocket (smaller than my wallet). It had a list feature and I just started adding everything to that list as I bought it so that I'd have a list with me anytime I went shopping for more movies. 20 years went by and I'd had no reason to replace it since that was the only thing I was using it for. Then the battery died and I realized a list I'd been making for 20 years just went poof because there had never been a way to back it up.

It does make me wonder why my palm pilot battery lasted 20 years but they can't seem to make my laptop battery last more than 2 hours.

It's 2 am, I've had too much beer, sorted too many cards today, I have no idea why I made this post. Maybe I'll go paint something.

I need sleep...

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