Vincent Beers ~ Gallery

A collection of dreams translated on canvas

Who We Are

Vincent Beers is an artist with experience ranging from performance arts, music and photography to graphics design and painting.

Forty years living the life of a rogue has brought him through a range of life experiences including martial arts, pro wrestling, opera, game design, and countless other mundane work experiences.

After numerous injuries put an end to physical performances and a general disgust with corporate environments led him away from game testing and design; he's decided to focus full time on creating images on canvas.

A consumate wanderer Vincent has lived on all 3 coasts of the USA, in a dozen different states and traveled extensively accross the North American contentinent including parts of Mexico, Canada and most of the USA.

Born in New Jersey, he has been strongly influenced by his time spent in California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona but is currently residing in North Dakota. The currently booming oil state is Americas latest frontier of development and growth and is considered a turning point for the future economy of the US. What better place to find hope and inspiration and translate those dreams into works of art.

Vincent was a student of Sergio Lepore ( ) with additional training from Leslie Aust ( ) and David Pinter ( )

Why Us?

When you want a personal touch and not a mass produced piece you need an artist with experience and vision.

Give me a photo or just write out your dreams; I will put together a work on canvas to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for abstract or realism, I create from the heart and each piece is a labor of love.